Why Hiring A Professional Cleaner Is A Smart Move


Moving is stressful enough without the added pressure of ensuring your property is spotless for final inspection. Hiring a professional cleaner can save you time during your move and relieve you of the pressure of final inspection and getting your bond back. Here are five benefits to hiring a professional cleaner for your final inspection.

1. They know exactly what real estates and landlords look for in an inspection.

Individuals who choose to clean their property themselves often underestimate the complexity of final inspection cleans. Going beyond your standard spring clean, final inspection cleans require a lot of attention to detail and a lot of work and resources. Professional cleaners are experienced in the job and understand particular areas real estate agents and landlords pay close attention to. From clearing cobwebs to insect-filled light fittings, professional cleaners pay special attention to areas that are often neglected or not considered. Hiring a professional cleaner will ensure the property is cleaned right and in immaculate condition the first time, so you won’t be pestered and fined by picky landlords on areas you otherwise might have missed yourself.

2. Spend a little, save a lot                       

Many people may initially be put off by the cost of hiring a professional cleaner. However in reality, it could actually save you money. Imagine going to all the effort of cleaning and scouring every inch of your property yourself only to be fined and told by your landlord to hire a cleaner. Unfortunately, this occurrence is all too common in the rental property world. Hiring a professional cleaner ensures that the job is done right the first time. For those wanting to shave a few more dollars off their bill, individuals can even choose to clean some of the property themselves before hiring a professional for all those finishing touches. Additionally, when the avalanche of expensive cleaning products are factored in, hiring a cleaner is a small price to pay for receiving a full bond refund. 

3. Most have refund policies

Like G and P Cleaning Services, most professional bond cleaners offer a 100% refund policy, meaning if you still fail to retrieve your bond, the company will refund you in full. At the very least, providing your landlord with your cleaning bill as proof you had the property professionally cleaned should lessen the likelihood of issues. Considering this, individuals have nothing to lose from hiring a professional for their final inspection clean.

4. You don’t have to get your hands dirty

No one wants to spend their weekend cleaning underneath gas elements and tirelessly scrubbing out stains from benchtops and floors. When you’re cleaning the most stubborn and off-putting areas of your property, rubber gloves couldn’t be thicker. Professional cleaners possess all the necessary products to clean every aspect of a property, enabling them to efficiently and effectively leave no stone unturned.

5.You save time

Most importantly, hiring a professional for your final inspection clean allows you to focus on your new home and life. Rather than being dragged back to clean your old home, you can look forward to moving into your new one and put the past behind you, leaving more time for all the exciting aspects of moving - who wouldn’t want that?